Albufeira Beaches

There are more beaches in Albufeira than any other City in the Algarve

Albufeira beaches. This beach haven is gifted with over 20 different beaches, each with its own charm. From long stretches of sand to quiet retreats sheltered by rocky cliffs, there is a beach for everyone in Albufeira.

Most beaches in Albufeira have been awarded a Blue Flag, meaning they have good facilities and excellent water quality, which you can tell just by looking at its stunning turquoise shade.

Near the Old Town, there is Praia dos Pescadores, the most popular beach in Albufeira and often the stage for open-air concerts in the Summer. The beach can be accessed by an escalator that connects the Old Town to the waterfront. As soon as you approach Praia dos Pescadores you will notice several fishing boats parked along the beach, a memory of Albufeira’s past as a fishing village.

The town itself has four beaches: Praia dos Pescadores, Praia do Túnel, Praia dos Alemães and Praia do Inatel which are only a few steps away from each other.

Praia dos Pescadores is set right in the middle of Albufeira’s coastline. From here, you can either head east towards Quarteira or west in the direction of Armação da Pêra to explore the rest of the beaches. To the East there is Praia da Oura, Santa Eulália, Maria Luísa, Olhos de Água and Praia da Falésia.

If you walk down the hill from “The Strip” towards the coast you will end up at Praia da Oura, a long sandy beach with a promenade full of restaurants, bars and cafés. Next to it, there is Praia de Santa Eulália backed by landscaped gardens with palm trees and exotic plants. The beach even has its own nightclub called “Le Club” that hosts some of the most popular summer parties in Albufeira.

There are over a dozen beaches in Albufeira, each with its own appeal. The closest beaches to the centre are Praia dos Pescadores and Praia do Túnel, which can be easily accessed by an escalator that leads to the waterfront. If you’re looking to escape the crowds, however, you can drive a bit further away and visit Albufeira’s more secluded beaches, Praia São Rafael, Praia da Falésia or even Praia da Coelha.

Praia da Maria Luísa sits between two holiday resorts, Santa Eulália and Olhos de Água and it’s a great spot to practise water sports like sailing, windsurf and water skiing. Further ahead, Praia dos Olhos de Água (Eyes of Water) is named after the freshwater springs that are found on the east side of the beach. Praia da Falésia marks the end of Albufeira’s beach trail on the East side. The beach actually stretches all the way to Vilamoura, so it’s one of the longest beaches in Portugal.

The West end also has magnificent beaches like Praia de São Rafael, Praia da Coelha, Praia da Galé and Praia dos Salgados.

Praia da Galé is one of the few beaches in Albufeira that doesn’t have cliffs, as these are replaced by low sand dunes. The beach is divided into two sections, the West Side that extends to Praia dos Salgados and the East Side.

Behind Praia dos Salgados there is a small lagoon called Lagoa dos Salgados. While you can’t swim in the lagoon you can observe its remarkable wildlife, including species like the red herons and the curlews. Since the beach is less sheltered than others on the coast, it is considered a great place for kitesurfing. The beach is set on the most Western point of Albufeira and continues on to Armação de Pêra, the next town in the Algarve’s coastline after Albufeira.

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