Beach Yoga Retreat in the Algarve - 4 reasons why 

If you feel you have to reconnect with yourself and require a reboot and recharge, then keep reading, a beach yoga retreat in the Algarve brings many benefits.

With its beaches of golden sand and crystal clear water, the Algarve is ideal for a holiday in the sun. We have idyllic beaches and delightful, tasty and wholesome dishes. The Algarve has won Europe's Leading Beach Destination at the World Travel Award for both 2017 and 2018.

Our dreamy destination coming together with a class of yoga could be the key to throwing out all of your negative energy and refreshing your mind.

Modern day to day living doesn’t gives us time to breathe. We are in a routine which creates stress and in the long term makes a negative impact on our health. For your vacation, you might plan a lot of activities and come back home even more tired… Or attend a wellness retreat for a week, but feel like you can´t experience other things that the destination has to offer…

So how to find the right balance? Take some time out from your vacation to enjoy a small exclusive break we have designed with you in mind

Embark on a Mini-Yoga Retreat! In just a half-day you can feel the transformation, for a deeper connection with yourself and your mind.

1. RE-CONNECT On Board of A Secret Catamaran Cruise

Leaving the mainland, travel to an unknown island surrounded by wild nature.

2. RE-BOOT on One of The Quietest Beaches of The Algarve

It will take as little as half day for you to RE-CONNECT with yourself. Hatha yoga movements and Sound Healing meditation will help to connect your body and mind, to feel peace and positivity breathing in and out the fresh island air. Let the benefits last beyond the experience with some fitness & yoga tips from your teacher, Carla Sananda

3. RE-ENERGISE in The Clear Water of The Ria Formosa

Swimming and snorkelling in the clear water of the Ria Formosa is a wonderful experience to re-energise your body after the workout. You will welcome the feeling of new energy, and the movement of nature with the waves.

4. RE-CHARGE with a Locally Sourced and Sustainable Brunch

Tasting local produce is also part of the Algarve experience, and will allow you to re-charge from your morning work-out. Try unusual and local farm products such as wild mountain blackberries, fresh market goat cheese and learn about their benefits for your body!

And these are just a few reasons why you should treat yourself to this uniquely designed escape that will add true benefits and unforgettable memories to your vacation. 

Departure 7:30am from Faro Marina on 30th June 2019, July 14, 29, August 8, 18, 29, September 7, 16, 26. Hurry to reserve your place now, tickets are limited.

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