How to Find the Best Short-Term House Rentals in Portugal

Are you interested in vacationing in the beautiful, historic country of Portugal? There are many short-term house rentals. Here's how to find the best.

The Algarve offers holidaymakers more than 300 days of sun and 3,000 hours of sunshine every single year. That makes it even sunnier than L.A.!

Because there's no such thing as bad weather in Portugal, it's always the right time of year to visit. Whether you want a weekend break or you've come to escape the drab weather of your home climate, short-term house rentals are the best way to make the most of your trip to our sunny home.

With tens of thousands of properties to choose from, you won't struggle to find a place to post up with your family or friends. The trick is marrying the perfect house with the right destination to make your next trip the best one yet.

Are you trying to sort through all the short-term rental apartments in sunny Portugal and struggling with the choice? We've written an expert guide to navigate you through the excess and find the perfect accommodation for your trip.

Try one of these places on your search for your next holiday rental.

Holiday Lettings Sites

Short-Term House RentalsShort Term House Rentals

Global holiday lettings sites allow local owners to rent their primary or investment homes to vacationers without the use of a booking agent. Travelers looking for accommodation sort their choices by:

  • Town/locale
  • Date
  • Bedrooms
  • Price
  • Property type
  • And other useful info

You'll also get a quote for the dates you submit as well as an availability calendar for the property.

Choosing a holiday lettings site is a very hands-on way of finding holiday accommodation in the Algarve. You get all the necessary information required like property description, reviews from previous tenants, and even information about the property like when it went on the list. You can also find the average weekly rate and how long it takes the owner to respond.

With total control, you also find yourself drowning in lettings. The Algarve remains a property hub with thousands of locals renting property to holidaymakers. There are also thousands of foreign property owners who rent out their holiday property when not in use.

In other words, you have 10,000 rentals to sort through with over 5,000 available at any one time. Be prepared to put in the long slog to find a home that's perfect.

Curious about what's on offer? Check out sites like HomeAway, Flip Key, TripAdvisor, or Holiday Lettings to see just how many rentals are available in the Algarve.

Local Concierge

What's more valuable than local insight into the property market? Small cottage industries now exist for getting local recommendations in all sorts of exotic locales.

A local concierge service in Algarve makes the booking process simple. With a list of exclusive short-term house rentals including apartments, villas, condominiums, and country estates, the booking agent can take your desires and instantly pluck out the perfect holiday house from their list of managed properties.

Working with these companies provides a more personal service with a curated list of properties that you're more likely to love.

Concierge services are more likely to offer more long-term apartments for those who want a more extended holiday. They also become a one-stop destination for all your needs while you're in Portugal.

You'll find help with:

  • Chauffeurs and transfers
  • Gyms and personal trainers
  • Babysitters
  • Butlers
  • Personal chefs
  • Close Protection Officers
  • Personal assistants

They even set up day-to-day essentials like flower and grocery delivery.

When you book with a local concierge, you can even ask for help in putting together all the other parts of a vacation. For example, they can help you book international and internal flights, hire a car, plan an itinerary, and help get access to things you won't find on your own.

From booking accommodation to scheduling tours, personal concierge services make your vacation feel like a real vacation before you even leave home.


Airbnb is a popular tool for travellers who enjoy combining local experiences with shoestring budgets.

The service continues to thrive across the globe and the Algarve is no exception. There's no shortage of available rooms, apartments, and houses available on Airbnb.

We recommend Airbnb to anyone who is interested in renting a room or staying with a local. Airbnb offers a wide range of experiences, making it particularly well-suited to the adventure traveler.

Rural Farm Rental Sites

In the Algarve, beach resorts are plentiful as are urban properties in Faro and smaller villages. For those who want more privacy or who are looking for something different, there are niche sites like Top Rural.

Top Rural best compares to personal concierges in the number of properties offered. It's more likely to provide niche properties, like olive plantations or mountain retreats, than standard short-term apartment rentals.

The site is now part of the HomeAway family, and it's only available in Spanish, Catalan, French, Portuguese, and Italian. Still, if you're looking for a unique experience where you can truly get away from it all, sites like Top Rural are a good option.

Book the Best Short-Term House Rentals in Algarve

The Algarve has no shortage of short-term house rentals, but sorting through them can be the trickiest part of the whole process. With so many rentals to choose from, we recommend sitting down to determine what you want before you begin the booking process. From budget to bedrooms, write it all down. Then, when you're ready to book, you'll know exactly what to ask for.

Are you ready to book your next vacation? Start your week of bliss before you leave home and let Algarve Lifestyle take care of everything. From property bookings to local tours, we make sure you have everything you need to make the most of every hour of sunshine.

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