What is a Luxury Concierge?

You might have asked yourself how the high end market plan their holidays. The answer is right in front of you: luxury concierge. In this category are included the rich and super rich part of the population, having limited time and big amounts of money to spend. the classic holidays are being replaced by all inclusive vacations and the typical requirements are being changed for opulent services.

A luxury concierge represents a tailor made holiday maker, where the client's needs are carefully listened to and taken care of. The word "concierge" originates from the French phrase "comte des cierges" and describes the person that in the medieval times lit the candles and maintained them at major events.

In the Middle Ages, the same expression describes the one who was responsible for keeping the keys. Back to present times, a concierge service represents a luxury travel agency that provides full time services for a specific area, country or it is a global service.

The enquiries may differ gently from luxury villas to off market hotel suites from all inclusive cruises to private jet or luxury car hire. The demands can vary from normal to extravagant as seen in the past where clients asked for impossible. This demonstrates that for a luxury concierge company no requirement is too big or hard to obtain. Due to this, in this specific area only skilled people work, who have a big acknowledge in the management and tourism area.

In Portugal, there are a few all inclusive concierge services that operate full time and include a large scale of services. In the Portuguese southernmost region, the Algarve, there are just a couple of concierge companies. Understanding the need for luxury travel and the lack of information spread out around the whole region of the Algarve, the Algarve Lifestyle was born.

Licensed with the Turismo de Portugal and members of the Portuguese association of Travel and Tourism Agencies, we are a luxury travel agency, offering tailor made holidays and concierge services. Our range of services is big, offering different kind of services, such as:

  • Personal Services
  • Travel Services
  • Accommodation
  • Event Planning
  • Leisure

We believe in good quality services and the need for relaxation whilst on holiday. This is why the services we picked are the best on the market, which values match ours. We are connoisseurs of the best restaurants, hotels and the best travel sites in the Algarve.

Our team is skilled and well trained so they can accomplish all requirements. Our top picks are luxury villas to rent on the coastline, having some of the best yachts in the region and the private chefs for private dinner or big events, collaborating with Michelin stars chefs.

Our special events include wedding planning, as the Algarve coast is the best plane for such a special moment, birthday parties, but also golf breaks, as just in Quinta do Lago you can find three of the most appreciated courses in Europe.

In the Algarve, we are the only concierge company with a real office, a phone number and a website. We are a full time service, ready to listen, to advise and to act.

What is a Luxury Concierge?

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