Lagoa beaches

Steep cliffs and stunning rock formations

Backed up by steep cliffs and stunning rock formations, the beaches in Lagoa are among the best in the Algarve.

Since most beaches in Lagoa are not located near a town, they receive far less visitors than other beaches in the region, making them a great place to escape the summer crowds. The only exception to this is Praia do Carvoeiro which is set in the town of Carvoeiro.

At Praia do Carvoeiro you can get a postcard-view of the Algarve, with its whitewashed houses perched on a hill and the colourful fishing boats scattered throughout the sand. These boats are still used to fish, but they also provide tours to the nearby caves and beaches.

There are more than a dozen beaches in Lagoa. Some of them can be easily reached by car, while others can only be accessed by boat.

The most popular beach in Lagoa is Praia do Benagil. From here, you can take a boat tour around Lagoa’s sea caves, including the Benagil cave, which has been considered one of the most beautiful caves in the world. The cave has a huge hole in the ceiling, which allows the sun to come through and illuminate the secluded beach underneath it. If the weather and the sea conditions are good enough, you can swim to the cave or rent a kayak to get there. Read our ultimate guide to Benagil cave.

Near Praia do Benagil there are two other beaches worth visiting, Praia da Marinha to the east and Praia do Carvalho to the west.

Praia da Marinha received the "Golden Beach" status in 1998 and has since been mentioned in several publications as one of the top beaches of Portugal, due to its incredible natural features. The beach is very frequented by divers who come here to admire the underwater beauty of Lagoa.

Praia do Carvalho, on the other hand, is renowned for its tunnel. To reach this sandy bay, you need to walk through a man-made tunnel that is carved in the rocks. This quiet beach is sheltered by cliffs, which provide natural shade and protect sunbathers from the wind.

For the more adventurous, there are a few openings in the cliffs where you can jump in the water. One on the right side of the beach, and a higher one on the left side. The best way to get to Praia do Carvalho is by following the steps from the car park at the end of Club Atlantico.

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