Algarve Breathtaking Adventures

If you are an adrenaline lover, you will love our selection of adventure experiences and extreme sports. The Algarve is the ideal place to have a thrilling experience, as it has a spectacular landscape of mountains and hills to the north, ideal for the most daring sports person, and to the south it has many beaches and rivers where courageous visitors can practice all sorts of water sports. At Iberian Escapes we only work with the best adventure companies so that you have a great experience and you only have to worry about having fun. What do you prefer, water, mountain or aerial activities? Check all of them out below:

Water Sports

Algarve Surfing


The star sport of the Algarve is undoubtedly surfing. Whether you are a beginner or an expert surfer, you will enjoy the waves and the Atlantic Ocean in a unique and spectacular location. You can surf on the quiet, long beaches of the eastern Algarve, or venture into the rough waters of the west.

Stand-Up Paddling Algarve

Stand-Up Paddling

Popularized by some celebrities in recent years, the stand-up paddle or SUP is a very popular practice among visitors to the Algarve. You can enjoy the wonderful views of the cliffs and watch the fish swim under your board as you stroll along the sea, or you can do something more daring and enter the sea caves.

Wind surfing Algarve

Wind surfing

A faster variant of surfing, windsurfing is undoubtedly a great choice, considering the formidable waves of the Algarve coast and the strong winds that blow from the interior of the ocean. Newbie or expert, you will find the classes and the first rate gear you need according to your level of expertise.

Kayak Algarve


The famous rock formations that surround the coasts of the Algarve can only be visited by sea. Our preferred option to visit the different grottoes, sea columns and sea caves is the kayak. Requirements: strong arms and the desire to have lots of fun! You can join a kayak tour or go on your own, you decide.

Waterskiing Algarve


Waterskiing is a very fun and demanding sport. There are many waterski variants, including speed waterskiing, trick waterskiing, show waterskiing, jumping waterskiing and barefoot waterskiing. Dare to try it and feel the thrill of skiing at full speed along the Portuguese coast!

Flyboarding Algarve


The Flyboard was invented in Autumn 2012 by a French water-craft rider, Franky Zapata. Its design allows the device to climb out of the water and be stable in the air, providing an amazing experience. Its popularity has increased greatly due to its uniqueness and fun. Are you going to be the only one who's left without giving it a try?

Jet Ski Algarve

Jet Ski

If you love speed and racing, this is the perfect choice for you! With a jet ski, you can run like the wind and enjoy the wonderful views of the Algarve at the same time. For a less fast alternative, but more suitable for long excursions, you can take a look at our catalog of select yachts here.

Parasailing Algarve


Fly over the ocean and discover, from a bird's eye view, the magnificent beaches and cliffs of the Algarve. If you carefully look around, you might even discover some hidden bays or secluded places to sunbathe after your adventure. Don’t miss the chance to fly above one of Europe's beach havens!

Diving Algarve


There’s an incredible variety of marine life waiting to be discovered in the waters off the Algarve coast. If you've never dived before and you're curious, this is a great time to try it: you'll be amazed by the underwater world. If you already have some experience, then you shouldn't miss this opportunity!

Mountain Experiences

Off-Road Mountain Bike Tour Algarve

Off-Road Mountain Bike Tour

For the most hardcore athletes, mountain bike tours are the perfect choice. Descend one of the steep hills of the Algarve mountains or pedal between the rugged cliffs of the coast along dirt roads and quiet trails. You can also bring your pet. Are you ready to venture into the hills of the Algarve? 

Rock Climbing Algarve

Rock Climbing

The Algarve offers some really nice climbing, and you have the chance to experience it for yourself! For the expert (or daring), the cliffs of the coast are a challenge that any climber would like to overcome. For beginners there are also some very interesting and equally daring but safe options!

Horse Riding Algarve

Horse Riding

Go one step further and hop on the back of a strong horse for a stroll through the magnificent natural surroundings of the Algarve. Whether it's a cliff trail or a romantic beach hike, you'll find the option you love with our help! Pony rides are always available for youngsters, and you can also bring your pet along.

Donkey Hiking Algarve

Donkey Hiking

For centuries, the donkey has been a faithful travelling companion for all the Portuguese who fished in the Algarve coast and had to move up and down steep paths. Today, this tradition is still alive, and you can venture into the lush Algarve forests with the company of a donkey. A fun option for a day of family adventure!

Adventure Park Algarve

Adventure Park

Zip lines, hanging bridges and acrobatics while suspended from a high tree are your thing? Then you should definitely try the adventure parks of the Algarve. There are options for the whole family, from the youngest to the oldest. If you decide to spend a day at the adventure park, you won't be disappointed!

Gigantic Zip Line Algarve

Gigantic Zip Line

Yes, you read it right: a giant zip line! It is also the only international zip line in the world, as it departs from Spain and arrives in Portugal, passing above the Guadiana River. This unique adventure is at your fingertips during your stay in the Algarve. Don't leave without trying it!

Jeep Safari Algarve

Jeep Safari

Are you an adrenaline lover with special interest in nature? If the answer is YES, this is the best option for you! Discover stunning scenery and get to know the Algarve flora and fauna better on board an authentic adventure jeep. Experience the real Algarve!

Buggy Tour Algarve

Buggy Tour

A buggy is a vehicle with large wheels and wide tires, specially designed for sand dunes and beaches, so expect to get dirty during your tour. You will travel along the most stony and muddy trails of the Algarve, but we do guarantee you a lot of fun and excellent landscape views!

Quad Tour Algarve

Quad Tour

This all-terrain vehicle is designed to handle a wider variety of terrain than most others. That's why it's the perfect choice to travel the most inaccessible tracks in the Algarve. The opportunity to see and get to know the most beautiful and remote places of the coast is the reward for such an adventurous journey!

Aerial Adventures

Microlight Flight Algarve

Microlight Flight

Experience flying like never before as you soar with the birds in one of the world’s most versatile aircrafts. You'll discover a new and exciting way of visiting the Algarve's coastline, on your own or with a partner. This exciting experience is also a calm way to get started in aerial adventures.

Algarve Skydiving


Feel the adrenaline as you jump from a plane into the void! The rush will be incredible as you approach at high velocity the wonderful beaches of the Algarve. A tandem jump is the most popular and the ideal way to try skydiving for the first time. If you've got the required experience, you can even try solo jumping!

Algarve Paragliding


This is the Algarve as you've never seen it before! With paragliding, you'll fly all across the Algarve, soaring over some of the area's most spectacular landscapes and beautiful sandy beaches. Although not as fast as skydiving, it's just as much fun and exciting!

Algarve Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you prefer something adventurous but a little bit calmer, the hot air balloon ride is definitely the option for you. See the Algarve from a different perspective. Do you dare to travel around the Algarve by hot air balloon?

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