Things to do in Tangier: 2-day itinerary

With its colorful medina, palm-shaded squares, lavish palaces, and historic cafes that serve fresh Moroccan mint tea, Tangier is a feast for the eyes. It is one of the oldest cities in Morocco, with a multicultural heritage.

Tangier is also a haven for artists, poets, and musicians, having inspired the greatest, such as Paul Bowles, Henry Matisse, William Burroughs, and even the Rolling Stones.
Our two-day itinerary will help you plan a trip to Tangier. It includes all the main sights and day trip ideas, as well as tips on where to stay and where to eat.

Day 1

Morning: St. Andrew’s Church

Our first stop in Tangier is St. Andrew’s Church. Consecrated in 1905, this Anglican Church decorated in high Fassi style is known for its beautiful interiors. Go for a stroll through its flourishing gardens and check out the graveyard where many historical figures have been laid to rest. Moroccan explorer Walter Harris is buried here, as well Hooker A. Doolittle, an American diplomat. An interesting fact is that Henri Matisse painted St. Andrew’s Church in his famous “Landscape Viewed From a Window” painting during his visit to Tangier in 1912. Entrance into the garden and graveyard is free and visitors are welcome to leave a donation when entering the church.

Cinema Rif

Located a 2-minute walk from St. Andrew’s Church just outside the palm-studded Grand Socco, Cinema Rif is an old movie theatre with a retro vibe. This beautifully restored Art Deco structure houses two movie theaters, a video library, and a cute café lined with vintage furniture and old movie posters. Originally opened in 1938, this cultural institution was re-designed by French architect Jean-Marc Lalo in 2005. Nowadays, Cinema Rif shows both alternative and mainstream films.

Grand Socco

Across the road from Cinema Rif, you will find the Grand Socco. A circular square plaza with a large marble fountain in the middle, it is Tangier's main square and the best point of departure for an exploration of the city’s medina and souks. This vibrant transport hub connects the old part of the city and the Ville Nouvelle and reflects the spirit of Tangier and its people. Park benches and grass areas shaded by large palm trees make Grand Socco a popular hangout spot among both locals and tourists. It is also worth mentioning that the Grand Socco is where the sultan Mohamed V delivered a historic speech claiming the independence of Morocco back in 1947.

Musée Dar Niaba

With its labyrinth of narrow alleyways dotted with whitewashed houses and marketplaces of stalls where you can purchase spices, delicious foods, and tanned leather, Tangier’s Medina is a small mythical world with a life of its own. Here, you will find Musée Dar Niaba, an architectural gem that offers a memorable journey through Tangier’s diplomatic history with its impressive collection of artifacts and art. Opened in 2022, Dar Niaba is one of the newest additions to the museum scene in the city. In addition to exhibits that focus on diplomatic relations between Tangier and foreign powers, the museum also has a small art collection worth checking out.

Petit Socco

Our next stop is the picturesque Petit Socco (Little Souk). One of the most famous areas of the Medina, this small square is one of those important places that show the essence of Tangier and its people. Watch the locals as they play backgammon and unwind with a refreshing drink Tingis where writers and artists like William S. Burroughs and Camille Saint-Saëns spent their days back in the 1950’s.

Day 1 - Morning  Tangier Tour Map

Afternoon: Kasbah Museum

We begin our afternoon walk with a visit to Tangier’s beautiful Kasbah. An elevated section at the northern end of the old walled city, the Kasbah is a charming part of the Medina known for its world-class museums.

Situated inside the old sultan’s palace of Dar El Makhzen, the Kasbah Museum is where you want to go first. Made of marble and granite, the building looks spectacular. The museum’s interior showcases an extensive collection of artifacts, statues, antiques, and other artworks. There is a nice collection of mosaics, pottery, giant replica maps, wood textures, and jewelry, from all over the Mediterranean. To sum it all up, the Kasbah Museum is the best place in the city to learn about Moroccan history, art, and architecture.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Located just a stone’s throw from the Kasbah Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art is the next stop on our Tangier travel itinerary. Housed within the old restored Kasbah Prison, the museum offers both permanent and temporary exhibits of contemporary art. The Museum of Contemporary Arts is spread across several floors and houses artwork by modern artists from Morocco’s northern region such as Fathima Hassan and Chrabia Tallal.

Bab Al Bahr

You will find the magnificent 15th-century Bab Al Bahr gate right next to the Kasbah Museum. It is, without a doubt, the most impressive entrance to Tangier’s Medina. From this getaway, the soldiers defending the city looked out for invading fleets. Today, people visit Bab Al Bahr to enjoy spectacular views across the Strait of Gibraltar, especially at sunset.

Ibn Battouta Museum

We end our afternoon walk at the Ibn Battouta Museum which focuses on the life of the greatest traveler of the 14th century, Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Battutah. Born in Tangier, this world-famous Moroccan explorer traveled through Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. It is estimated that Ibn Battouta covered more than 120,000 kilometers throughout the Islamic world. This modern interactive museum is amazing and offers a treasure trove of artifacts, manuscripts, and interactive exhibits. Learn about the life of Ibn Battouta and his geographical discoveries through the museum’s immersive displays and engaging narratives.

Day 1 - Afternoon  Tangier Tour Map

Day 2

Morning: Café Hafa

Start the morning at Cafe Hafa. This 100-year old cafe was frequented by poets and artists such as Paul Bowles, and William Burroughs. Jimi Hendrix was here, even the legendary Beatles. Nestled on a cliffside, Café Hafa in Tangier has a simple style with plastic tables spread across a few terraces. The main reason why people come here are the mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea. Arrive early in the morning, as the outdoor café gets packed with both tourists and locals later in the day. Relax with a sweet Moroccan mint tea for 12 dirhams or a cup of black coffee for 15 dirhams and enjoy the views of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Tombeaux Pheniciens (Phoenician Tombs)

Just a short walk from the legendary café is Tombeaux Pheniciens, a cemetery of 98 tombs of which nearly 60 are carved into the rocks. Also known as the Phoenician Tombs, this Roman necropolis has a huge historical significance. For those who don’t know, the city of Tangier was founded by the Phoenicians. However, the main reason tourists visit Tombeaux Pheniciens are the spectacular sunset views.

Marshan Park

While you are in the neighborhood, pay a visit to Marshan Park. Located just a short walk from the tombs, Marshan Park is a beautiful green area where locals come to unwind and enjoy nature. It is a great place to bring your kids, as there is a nice playground for the little ones. There is also a nice walking path for visitors who wish to go jogging in the morning.

Day 2 - Morning Tangier Tour Map

Afternoon: Boutique Majid

In the afternoon, we are back in the Medina to check out the remaining tourist attractions. First on the list is Boutique Majid, the best-stocked antique shop in all of Tangier. Opened in 1970 by Abdelmajid Rais El Fenni and Mie Nielsen, this family-owned antique boutique offers an impressive collection of super-rare Moroccan antiques. Whether you wish to purchase antique Moroccan textiles of the finest quality, buy local works of art, or go in the back to check out the spectacular collection of carpets and ceramics, there is so much to choose from.

Tangier Grande Mosque

You won’t have a problem finding the Grande Mosque in Tangier, as its large minaret is visible from basically anywhere in the city. With a pyramid-shaped dome with metallic finishing, walls covered in white stucco, and colorful green and orange ceramic tiles, the Grande Mosque is a feast for the eyes. The interior is just as beautiful with a nicely decorated prayer room and a picturesque courtyard with a fountain. The only downside is that you can’t visit the Grand Mosque interiors unless you’re a Muslim. However, the mosque is still worth visiting to admire the beauty and the details of the exterior.

American Legation Museum

Finally, go for a walk through the Medina towards the American Legation Museum. This cultural center, research library, and museum is actually the very first American public property outside the United States. Located in the southwest corner of the Medina, the museum has a colonial-era vibe and houses everything from a Moroccan stars and stripes carpet to an entire room dedicated to Paul Bowles. You will also have an opportunity to see an impressive display of paintings including works by James McBey and Eugene Delacroix.

Day 2 - Afternoon Tangier Tour Map

Other things to do in Tangier

  • Ville Nouvelle: Tangier’s Ville Nouvelle (New City) extends to the south and west of the Medina. If you are a fan of early 20th-century architecture, you’ll be delighted to hear that this European-built area is home to many beautiful buildings. For amazing ocean views, don’t miss the Terrace of the Idle.

  • Grand Socco Produce Market: Foodies visiting Tangier will want to stop by the open-air market next to the Grand Socco. From spice stalls and florists to vendors selling a wide range of veggies, fruits, and pastries, this market has it all. There is even a whole area reserved just for fresh fish and seafood.

  • Gran Café de Paris: Opened in 1927, Gran Café de Paris is one of the oldest cafes in the city. It was a place of inspiration for artists and writers like Tennessee Williams and Jack Kerouac. With dark paneled walls and old leather chairs, the interior has a bohemian vibe.

  • Librairie des Colonnes: Librairie des Colonnes plays an important role in Tangier’s literary and cultural history. A hub for intellectuals and writers, it is much more than your typical bookstore. Librairie des Colonnes served as a meeting place for world-famous writers and has hosted book signings, literary events, and novel launches. Step inside this literary institution to find shelves filled with poetry collections, contemporary novels, and other literary treasures.

  • Café Baba: A popular meeting place for writers, artists and musicians who passed through the city in the 50s and 60s, Café Baba is a legendary café known for its bohemian and authentic atmosphere. Most notable visitors include Paul Bowles, William Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac. Film director Jim Jarmusch was here, as well as the Rolling Stones.

Day Trips from Tangier

  • Cape Spartel: A 25-minute drive from Tangier’s Medina, Cape Spartel is a popular destination for a weekend getaway. This is a spot from which you can see how the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. The views of the Strait of Gibraltar from Cape Spartel are simply breathtaking. There is also a sand-colored Moorish lighthouse from the 19th century worth checking out.

  • Caves of Hercules: Further south along Cape Spartel, you will find the mighty Caves of Hercules. Both a man-made and natural cave formation, this place is known for its adorable stalactites and stalagmites. The cave is a popular tourist destination and has been featured in many Hollywood blockbusters such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”. If you are visiting Tangier during the peak season, get to the caves early in the day to avoid large crowds of tourists.

  • Chefchaouen: With its charming narrow alleys dotted with blue-painted buildings, Chefchaouen makes for a great day trip. It will take you just under 2 hours by car to get from Tangier to Chefchaouen. Also known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco, this picturesque town nestled in the Rif Mountains is for the romantics. Get lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets at your own pace and admire the beauty of the blue-hued medina. Don’t miss Chefchaouen's souk, a colorful marketplace where local vendors are selling textiles, spices, and Moroccan crafts. For lunch, grab a table at Restaurant Morisco and order goat meat tagine or have a memorable dining experience at the prestigious Clock Café which is known for its artistic décor and delicious food.

  • Asilah: Located about 40 kilometers from Tangier, Asilah is an enchanting seaside town with a history that stretches back to the Roman era. With its fabulous murals and white-and-blue-washed houses, the Asilah Medina looks spectacular. To mingle with the locals, visit the small local farmers market just outside the Bab El-Homar medina. Asilah is also a great place to see waves crash because of its Portuguese stone fortifications.

  • Tetouan: Just over an hour's drive from Tangier, Tetouan is home to one of the most beautiful Medinas in Morocco. Nicknamed the “White Dove” because of its picturesque white-washed buildings, this cute town in the Martil valley oozes charm at every turn. Explore Tetouan’s UNESCO world heritage-listed Medina and admire the beauty of its narrow alleyways and colorful buildings which have a strong Spanish influence. To learn more about the history of Tetouan, stop by the Tetouan Archaeological Museum and see artifacts from the Islamic and Roman eras. At the highest part of the town, visitors will find the Kasbah where they can see the craftspeople at work.

  • Cape Malabata: Go for a day trip to Cape Malabata, a unique historical lighthouse with huge white stones and spacious windows. Located 9km from the center of Tangier, the site is also home to the remains of a medieval-style castle. Most people visit Cape Malabata because of the magnificent views of the city and the Strait of Gibraltar. Stop for a refreshing drink at the nearby Café Cap Malabata.

  • Jebel Musa: Jebel Musa stands for “the mountain of Moses” in Arabic. Although there is no scientific proof, it is believed that the Jebel Musa summit is where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Wish to climb to the top? The trail starts in the village of Belyounech and it will take you about 2 hours to reach the summit. Along the way, travelers will be treated to fabulous views of the countryside, the Mediterranean Sea, and the Rif Mountains.

  • The Perdicaris Park (Rmilate forest): Located on the outskirts of Cap Spartel, Perdicaris Park (Rmilate forest) is one of the most beautiful nature spots in the region. This coastal forest has picturesque hiking trails, a lovely botanical park, and a cool 19th-century castle. It is an ideal place to recharge your batteries and enjoy nature. The views of the Mediterranean Sea from the rocky viewpoint near the castle are simply breathtaking.

Tangier Golf Courses

  • Tangier Royal Golf Club: Golfers staying in Tangier can visit the Tangier Royal Golf Club. Founded in 1914, this 18-hole golf course is actually one of the oldest golf courses in Africa. It is located just 3 km away from Tangier city center in a natural environment composed of eucalyptus, fir, and pine trees.

  • Al Houara Golf Club: A part of the Hilton Tangier Al Houara Resort & Spa, Al Houara Golf Club has everything needed for an unforgettable golfing adventure in Tangier. Open every day, year-round, this spectacular golf club consists of an 18-hole course, an indoor golf simulator, and a restaurant and bar where you can enjoy drinks and food after a round of golf. The hotel provides a shuttle service to and from the course. It will take you about 45 minutes by car to get from Tangier’s Medina to Al Houara Golf Club.

Tangier Racecourses

  • Hippodrome Casa-Anfa: Go on a day trip to the oldest racecourse in Morocco, the legendary Hippodrome Casa-Anfa. The racecourse is located in Casablanca and it will take you about 4 hours by car to get there from Tangier. With a 1,700m sand track and covered seating for 700 people, Hippodrome Casa-Anfa is the perfect place to watch horse racing. The hippodrome hosts the Arabian International Racing Day which is one of the most anticipated horse racing events in Morocco. Other facilities include an open-air cinema, a clubhouse with a restaurant, and a golf course with caddies and carts.

Top Things to Do With Kids in Tangier

  • Tanger City Center Mall: A visit to Tanger City Center Mall is a good entertainment experience for families with kids. Centrally located near the train station, the shopping center is home to a wide collection of local and international brands like Miniso, The Body Shop, LC Waikiki, and Adidas. The mall has a cool cinema, as well as beauty shops and a supermarket. Children love the top floor, as it is home to a kid’s center with a climbing wall, bumper cars, and a soft play zone. Food outlets are on the third floor and include all the usual suspects such as Burger King and KFC.

  • Mnar Park: Take your kids to Mnar Park, a fabulous resort with an aqua park. In addition to a seasonal water park with an array of slides and pools for the little ones, Mnar Park also offers a range of fun activities such as paintball, quad bikes, funfair, and go-carting. There are rooms and suites for visitors who wish to spend the night here. Mnar Park is located 15 minutes from Tangier city center.

  • Mendoubia Gardens: Located next to Grand Socco, Mendoubia Gardens is a wonderful place and an ideal destination for families with children. With paved paths, green lawns, and elegant colonial buildings, the gardens look spectacular. Mendoubia Gardens are home to some of the oldest trees in Tangier. Don’t miss the top of the central hill where you will find a beautiful monument flanked by 30 old bronze canons.

Where to eat in Tangier

  • Le Saveur de Poisson: A family-owned restaurant, Le Saveur de Poisson is one of the most popular dining establishments in Tangier. During his visit to the city, Anthony Bourdain stopped by this casual eatery to enjoy a meal. There is no need to look at the menu at Le Saveur de Poisson. Instead, visitors receive the same five-course meal depending on what came off the boat in the morning.

  • El Morocco Club: El Morocco Club is an elegant restaurant where hungry patrons can enjoy delicious meals made from high-quality ingredients. Try foie gras with rose-flavored tomatoes or go for the John Dory fish in creamy saffron risotto. Visitors with a sweet tooth will want to try the mouthwatering creme brûlée with saffron. El Morocco Club is a popular restaurant, so it is best to book a table in advance.

  • Chez Hassan Bab Kasbah: If you are a fan of grilled food and are searching for an inexpensive meal while staying in Tangier, look no further than Chez Hassan Bab Kasbah. The grilled lamb chops are delicious, as well as the grilled squid and prawns. Other popular dishes include tuna skewer and whitefish tagine, ensalada marroqui, and vegetable tagine.

  • Abou Tayssir: Abou Tayssir is a small Syrian restaurant that offers a variety of dishes ranging from the silky-smooth hummus and shawarma to lentil soup. However, the star of the show is the heart-shaped falafel. Keep in mind that this is a cash-only joint that accommodates 20 people at most.

  • Dar Lidam: Located just a stone’s throw from the Kasbah Museum, Dar Lidam is a popular restaurant known for its delicious Mediterranean and Moroccan dishes and magnificent views of the Kasbah, the port, and beyond. The restaurant has 3 levels, the first 2 are inside, and the top floor is a covered terrace. Popular dishes include beef tagine, baklava, and chicken pastella. The restaurant was used as a filming location for a few scenes in the James Bond film, Spectre.

Bars and Restaurants that serve alcohol in Tangier

There is no shortage of bars and restaurants in Tangier that serve alcohol. Bars like Blue Pub, Pub Carrousel, Tangerinn, and El Contacto offer a wide selection of alcoholic drinks. Wish to enjoy traditional Moroccan cuisine and have a glass of wine? Book a table at Alibaba Restaurant. Casa Pepe is probably one of the few stores that sell booze in Tangier. The shop has an extensive selection of imported and Moroccan cold beers, as well as an impressive selection of wines in all price ranges.

However, during Ramadan, it is much harder to find places that sell alcohol in Tangier. Your best bet is to visit the fancy upscale hotels and resorts along Tangier’s seafront in the evening. Some of these hotels will serve you alcohol during Ramadan, but only when the sun goes down. It is recommended to bring your passport to prove you are a tourist. Casa Pepe officially doesn’t sell alcohol during Ramadan, but a few travelers say that tourists can purchase alcohol from the shop in the evening.

Where to stay in Tangier

The best places to stay in the city are those that offer easy access to the Medina. Tangier has a wide range of accommodation options, from reasonably priced hostels to boutique villas and 5-star hotels. Travelers looking for an authentic experience while visiting Tangier can book a local riad which is a traditional Moroccan home.

  • Barceló Tangier (5 stars): Fully renovated in 2022, Barceló Tangier is a 5-star hotel that combines elegance and sophistication. The hotel has about 200 rooms and suites and offers mesmerizing views of the bay of Tangier. There is no shortage of dining options at the Barceló Tanger Hotel. The Azurita Fusion Restaurant focuses on Moroccan and Spanish cuisine and the Bella Vista Restaurant offers a buffet service. Don’t miss the lovely B-Heaven Rooftop Bar where you can unwind with a cocktail or two and enjoy spectacular sea views. Guests can go for a dip in the large outdoor swimming pool and relax in the spa.

  • Saba's House (5 stars): Located at the northern end of the Medina in the heart of the Kasbah, Saba's House is a luxury art deco boutique riad that offers four suites and two double rooms. Each accommodation is inspired by Tangiers most famous inhabitants and guests. One suite is dedicated to Mick Jagger and the other one is inspired by Ibn Battuta. Step inside the lounge area where you will find a cocktail bar and a grand piano. The large rooftop terrace with a 360° view of the Strait will leave you breathless.

  • Dar Nour (4 stars): Located in the old Kasbah on the edge of the medina, Dar Nour is a perfect place to stay for travelers who want both an authentic and luxurious experience. It is actually one of the oldest guesthouses in the city. Each room and suite has its own character and features traditional décor. Duvets here are made from beautiful cotton and guests can enjoy soft pillows and elegant bed linen. The rooftop views of the Mediterranean are simply amazing.

  • La Maison de Tanger (4 stars): La Maison de Tanger is a cute eight-room guesthouse with an outdoor swimming pool. You will be staying just a 10-minute walk from the Grand Socco and the Medina. The rooms with private terraces feature Morrocan décor and an en-suite bathroom equipped with complimentary toiletries. A delicious breakfast is served daily.

  • Villa Augustine is known for its beautifully decorated interiors, the indoor swimming pool and the roof terrace offering a sea view. Located in just a 5 min walk from the Kasbah, the guesthouse has 5 spacious rooms. It is an ideal place to stay for couples looking for a romantic weekend getaway in Tangier.

  • Villa Mabrouka: Book your stay at this intimate 12-room villa in Tangier. Once a holiday home of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Bergé, this charming 5-star boutique hotel is located just a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Tangier’s Kasbah and Medina. Villa Mabrouka is known for its enchanting gardens and has two swimming pools, three restaurants, and a rooftop cocktail bar.

  • Kasbah Rose (3 stars): Situated at the top end of the medina, Kasbah Rose is a thoughtfully decorated and amazingly furnished boutique guesthouse. The location is perfect as everything is walking distance. Breakfast is served on the rooftop terrace which offers spectacular views of the city. Guests say how Loraine and Mohamed are magnificent hosts and add that the hospitality of the staff is unbeatable.

Best beaches in Tangier

The city of Tangier is well worth visiting for its beaches alone. You will find Municipal and Malabata beaches in the city itself, whereas other beaches with golden sands and a rocky composition can be reached by public transportation, car, or taxi. Don’t expect to find posh 5-star resorts or glamorous beach clubs along these stretches of coastline.

Just west of the port in Tangier, Merkala beach is nestled in a small bay. It is definitely less touristy than the Municipal and Malabata city beaches.
Sol Beach is located between Cape Spartel and the Caves of Hercules. Although the beach is small in size, Sol attracts both locals and tourists. There is a nice restaurant on the beach that offers Mediterranean cuisine with a Moroccan twist. Just a short walk over the small rocky outcrop at the southern end, visitors will find Achakkar Beach.

No visit to Tangier is complete without spending a few hours on Dalia Beach. Snap a photo of the cute fishing boats or enjoy a drink at one of Dalia’s laid-back beachfront bars.

Beaches that lie to the east of Tangier around 10km from the city are called Beaches of the Strait. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning natural surroundings, Playa Blanca is the most beautiful beach along this stretch of coastline.

The best time to visit Tangier

So, what is the best time to visit Tangier? The truth is that it all depends on what you want from your vacation. The good news is that Tangier is less touristy than other Moroccan cities like Casablanca and Fez. However, the city does receive a large number of visitors in the peak of the holiday season in summer. As you’d expect, it gets really hot and humid in summer here. Sightseeing can be unbearable during this time of year because of the high temperatures. On the other hand, winters in Tangier are known to be windy and wet. Therefore, the best time to visit Tangier is in spring (March to May) and in autumn (September to November) when you can benefit from pleasant weather and avoid large crowds of fellow tourists.

How to get from Spain to Tangier

Thinking about going on a day trip from the south of Spain to Tangier? Thanks to the regular FRS Iberia ferry from Tarifa, this trip is fast and easy to organize. Unlike other ports in Spain, the Tarifa Port at the southern tip of Spain is small and easy to access. You will be arriving at the Port De Tangier Ville which is located just a short walk from the main tourist attractions in Tangier. So, the best option to get from Spain to Tangier is to catch the FRS Iberia ferry from Tarifa to the Port De Tangier Ville in Morocco.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the port in Tarifa for about 40 euros. Travelers who wish to take their own car on the ferry will have to pay around 170 euros. There are usually 8 sailings daily between Tarifa and Tangier. On average, travelers will find direct ferries departing Tarifa every two to three hours in the mornings and early afternoons. The ferry crossing from Tarifa to Tangier only takes one hour. Keep in mind that anyone taking the ferry from Tarifa to Tangier is required to travel with a valid passport. Wish to bring your dog/cat with you? You’ll be pleased to hear that the Tarifa ferry to Tangier is pet-friendly!

Tangier Festivals

  • Tanjazz festival: If you are a fan of jazz music, visit the city of Tangier during the Tanjazz festival. Established in 2000, the annual Tanjazz Festival is held every September and offers free and paid concerts. The festival is held in downtown Tangier, at Palais des Istitutions Italienne.

  • Tangier International Film Festival: One of the most reputable African film festivals, Tangier International Film Festival offers a selection of short documentaries, features, fiction, and animation films. It is a truly vibrant festival that attracts famous movie directors and producers and promotes the Moroccan cinematographic culture. All films at the Tangier International Film Festival are screened at the Roxy Cinema, one of the oldest cinemas in Tangier.

  • Ramadan: Visiting Tangier during Ramadan? While Ramadan in Tangier is a time of spiritual contemplation and restraint during the day, the city comes alive in the evening with bustling markets, vibrant decorations, street performances, and festive gatherings. Ramadan lasts for 30 days. From visiting numerous mosques and historic landmarks to tasting local delicacies at food stalls and enjoying traditional music, there is so much to look forward to when staying in Tangier during Ramadan. It is recommended for non-Muslims to respect cultural sensitivities and refrain from drinking and eating in public in daylight during Ramadan. We should also mention that most stores, restaurants, and food stalls in Tangier are usually not open during the day.

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