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Things to do in Paris

Things to do in Paris: 5-day itinerary

Wandering through Paris is an endless treat. Whether you’re witnessing the sunset along the Seine, sampling delicious buttery pastries or taking in masterpieces at one of the city’s numerous museums, there is always something to catch your eye.  Read More ...

Things to do in Mont Saint Michel

Things to do in Mont Saint Michel, France: 2-day itinerary

The Abbey of Mont Saint Michel is one of France’s most recognisable landmarks and a must-visit on any trip to the country. The Abbey and small town are located on a tidal island on the north coast of Normandy, 50 km east of the resort city of St Malo.   Read More ...

Things to do in Bordeaux

Things to do in Bordeaux

Even if you haven’t been to Bordeaux, odds are you have heard of its wine. After all, this is France’s largest wine region. You could spend days touring the surrounding châteaux and vineyards, though you’ll need to reserve far ahead to make it to the top ones.   Read More ...

Things to do in Rennes

Things to do in Rennes

Rennes is the regional capital of Brittany and is famed for its charming half-timbered houses, large, gothic cathedral and the peaceful Parc du Thabor which covers an area of over 10 hectares.   Read More ...

Things to do in Vannes

Things to do in Vannes: 3-day itinerary

Vannes is a beautiful city in western France’s Brittany region. It is located on the Gulf of Morbihan at the confluence of the Marle and Vincin Rivers.  Read More ...

Things to do in Brest, France

Things to do in Brest, France: 4-day itinerary

The charming seaside city of St Malo is one of Brittany’s, and indeed France’s, top holiday destinations. This port city is characterised by its half-timbered houses, medieval walls and bastions, and mile upon mile of soft, sandy beaches. Read More...

Things to do in Concarneau: 2-day itinerary

Things to do in Concarneau

Concarneau is a small town in western Brittany famed for its beautiful old town located on a small island called the Ville close.   Read More ...

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