Algarve Lifestyle membership and pricing

Below we provide some information and FAQ's on our Algarve Lifestyle membership and pricing policies. We want to be completely transparent and we appreciate everyone has a different set of requirements, so we have three different types of pricing:


The Algarve is both a tourist destination and also has many thousands of residents. We understand the need to structure membership to suit all of our clients. Virtual membership is where a member of the team is able to provide the service you require from the office during office hours.

If you are a short term visitor, we sell virtual memberships for both 1 week and 2 weeks. These can be purchased for just €35 and €65 respectively. Call us during office hours for whatever you require, including taxi's, dinner reservations, yacht charter, transfers etc.

Only one membership is required for couples, families and groups. However, with respect to groups, we ask that you appoint one person who acts as your liaison point, and each booking is for the group. If multiple bookings for different subsets of the group will be required, additional memberships will need to be purchased.

Longer term visitors/residents - come and talk to us at no expense and let us understand how we can help you and make your stay both simpler and more comfortable and put a package together to help you.

A La Carte (Pay as you go)

We charge €35 per hour to provide our services to you. Some of our services can take time to deliver. If that is the case we will provide an estimate upfront. If you wish, we can assign a specific person in the team to focus on your requirements, so you deal with the same person all of the time. If we are required to leave the office, we will charge travel expenses, and these will be explained to you at the time so there are no surprises.


Maybe you do not wish to purchase membership and have a simple one-off request. If we have the capacity to service your request, we will charge a small fee of to cover our costs.


Who is the service intended for?

The service is intended for both short and long term visitors to the region and for residents.

Are there any services that you will not undertake?

Quite simply no, but we expect that your request is both ethical and legal. We will endeavour to undertake most tasks or locate someone who can. We exist to remove the hassle and give you back many hours of your time so you can concentrate on more important things.

What is included / not included in your fees?

Our fees are for access to our team during normal working hours only. Additional fees apply for out of hours. (Weekdays after 6pm: +25%, Saturdays +50%, Sundays and public holidays +100%).

Charges are for virtual hours only. If any purchases, car parking fees, third party services are required, we will provide receipts and include the cost in our invoice. Additionally, fuel expenses are charged at 36 cents per km from our office. 

Membership is sold on the understanding it is provided on a fair usage basis. We sell a maximum number based on the capacity of the team, so we are able to provide a professional service at all times.

How much notices does the concierge require?

Please provide as much notice as possible to the consultant, especially during the summer months. We will do our very best to act promptly. Please understand, if services are required from third parties, our partners may not be able to act as quickly as you may like if very little notice is given. For out of hours working, we require at least 24 hours notice.

What cancellation notice is required?

Once payment has been made for our services, it is not possible to ask for cancellation. Where services are being delivered by a third party, for example a taxi, a restaurant etc., please contact us during work hours so we may pass on the cancellation. Where an activity has already been purchased, a refund may only be provided, subject to the terms and conditions of the third party. Cancellations may only be taken during office hours.

What is the payment process for your services?

You can either visit our offices to pay by debit or credit card, or we can process your payment again using a credit/debit card via an invoice that we will email to you. You may also do a bank transfer.

When is the payment of services due?

All payments for services delivered by us are to be made in advance of the service being provided. For lengthy requests, we would ask that payments be phased and agreed in advance as much as possible as we progress through your requirement.

Third party vendors

The responsibility of all work delivered by the third party, is the responsibility of the third party. Whilst we choose the partners we work with very carefully, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage (direct or indirect), cost issues, disappointment, unplanned expenses or delays. Naturally all of these issues should be minimised / negated as much as is feasible during discussions at the outset and throughout delivery of the service.

Restaurant bookings

We are happy to provide recommendation's and book you a restaurant, but we cannot be held responsible for the meal provided, the cost or the quality.

Do you keep my requests private?

Yes. Any request you make is kept private between the client and the company. We will not divulge information to anyone other than a third party, where necessary, so your request can be fulfilled. We may from time to time ask if a request or service that is being delivered, may be used as a case study for promotion of our services. We will only do so if you give written permission.

Can you suspend your service or deactivate my membership?

In the very rare situation that a client is abusive or offensive, or provides false or misleading information, we reserve the right to terminate either your membership or the service being provided.