Algarve Tennis and Algarve Padel

Where to find the best Algarve tennis centres and specialist holidays available in the Algarve region.

Ace the Algarve! Where to play tennis in Southern Portugal.

There are a plethora of world-class tennis facilities nestled in this Mediterranean paradise.

Don’t forget to pack your whites! The Algarve’s 300 days of annual sunshine offers ample opportunities for a game of tennis whatever the season. And if the weather doesn’t convince you the scenery will, with many tennis courts nestled amid stunning natural settings and cradled by sea views. Whatever your groove, from five-star facilities to feeling part of a local community on a small court in a charming village, the Algarve’s tennis scene delivers.

Looking to hone your skills or learn the basics? The Algarve is home to experienced tennis and padel coaches who offer personalised training sessions for players of all levels.

Contact Iberian Escapes Concierge Services and we will be happy to hook you up with a personal coach or tennis academy that suits your level and ambition.

Anyone for padel?

Along with tennis, padel is a hugely popular racket game played all over Spain and Portugal. As you tour the region, you may have already seen groups of friends belt out a ball on a netted court. Testing your skills against ricocheting balls makes the game quite similar to squash, with the difference being it’s played in the sunshine! In fact, padel’s casual nature makes it a highly social game, so why not give it a go while you are here?

Most tennis clubs (we have listed our favourites below) have a few padel courts on site, along with rackets and other gear for rent in case you have left yours at home.

But perhaps the biggest attraction to playing tennis or padel in the Algarve is not about scoring points, but the opportunity to immerse yourself in stunning scenery while keeping fit, unwinding aprés-match with friends and family, and playing the game you love while on holiday.

The Best Tennis Courts in the Algarve

From local courts tucked away near little villages, state-of-the-art sports camps and luxurious resorts with spas and wellness centres, the Algarve serves the best tennis facilities in Portugal.

  • Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy: Part of the world-renowned Vale do Lobo holiday resort, the Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy is the best place in the Algarve to up your game and indulge in luxurious facilities and services. Nine hard courts and four clay courts make it one of the largest tennis clubs in Portugal, and its open-door policy to both visitors and members makes for a welcoming environment. Take advantage of the club’s free weekly assessment, then up your game with some individual or group coaching. Famous for nurturing a vibrant tennis community, Vale do Lobo Tennis Academy offers an unparalleled tennis experience in the heart of the Algarve.

  • Quinta do Lago Tennis Center - The Campus: A jewel in the crown of the Quinta do Lago holiday and residential resort, The Campus exudes excellence. Set amidst lush greenery and tranquil lakes, this centre features a comprehensive tennis facility with 10 floodlit courts, including two clay courts for traditionalists. In addition, The Campus offers tennis workshops and academies, both group and private, for all levels. But whether it’s for a serious match or a friendly game of padel, the Quinta do Lago Tennis Center is designed for those who want to elevate their tennis experience both on and off the court.

  • Algarve Tennis and Fitness Club: Situated in the charming coastal town of Almancil, the Algarve Tennis and Fitness Club couldn’t be more local or family-friendly. With six well-maintained courts, including four floodlit for evening play and a fitness club, it’s an excellent place to keep up your sporting regime without breaking the bank. Kids services include a wading pool, playground and tennis lessons, and there is an excellent bar-restaurant serving up healthy meals. Importantly, the Algarve Tennis and Fitness Club fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, making it a great place to mingle with locals and fellow travellers during your stay.

  • Annabel Croft Tennis Academy: Situated in the landscaped gardens of the Pine Cliffs Resort, the Annabel Croft Tennis Academy - Algarve forms part of the international network of tennis holiday destinations founded by the British former tennis pro-Annabel Croft. Featuring five floodlit courts, including one dedicated padel court, this academy caters to tennis enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. With expert coaching services, tennis camps, and a range of recreational activities, it's a place to book ahead should you wish to seriously improve your performance while on your Algarve vacation.

  • Carvoeiro Tennis Club: Situated in the charming village of Carvoeiro, the Carvoeiro Tennis Club has been welcoming players for over 40 years and has a unique USP of Atlantic views from the courts. With eight hard courts, four for padel, a pretty, round swimming pool and small fitness centre, it's a great place to chill for the day and soak up the coastal lifestyle and atmosphere.

  • Vilamoura Tennis & Padel Academy: Located on the outskirts of the popular town of Vilamoura, the Vilamoura Tennis Academy is a friendly institution that caters to the whole family. With clay and hard courts available for tennis, padel and pickleball, there is something for everyone. This academy offers a diverse range of short and long-term coaching programs, group classes, and tennis camps for adults and juniors alike in a motivational and jovial atmosphere.

  • Clube de Ténis e Padel de Portimão: With well-maintained clay courts, plenty of viewing areas and a friendly atmosphere, this club provides a reliable and easy-to-navigate setting for tennis spectators and players alike. Its dynamic program, from tournaments to coaching and social events, means that there is always something happening, and its bar and restaurant are popular with non-members and non-players. It is a great place to immerse yourself in local tennis culture and find a playing partner.

Contact Iberian Escapes Concierge services for assistance with booking courts or private coaches. We are experts in the Algarve region, and can assist you with special travel arrangements, booking experiences, and the best accommodation in the area!

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