Airborne in Valencia

From a private jet to a hot air balloon, there are various ways to enjoy this incredible region of Spain from the skies.

Private Jets In Valencia

Whether it’s to whizz over to a private party in Ibiza or to make it to that important meeting in Madrid on time, our Concierge Services can book you a private jet suited to your scale and needs.

Hiring a private jet in Valencia is more economical than you think. And with the city’s main airport Manisis situated just 8 kms from the centre of the city, major destinations in Spain, including Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga are less than an hour’s flight away.

So however pressing your schedule is, getting to your destination on time is almost guaranteed

Our private jet partners in Valencia have all sorts of craft at your disposal. From light jets such as Citation Mustangs to heavier carriers such as the Challengers 604.

If time is of the essence, remember that when you use the private jet terminal at Valencia airport, it’s express all the way.

Passports and customs declarations are pre-cleared, you only need to arrive 30 minutes before departure and your luggage comes on board with you – so no waiting around for it to appear at your destination.

What's more, our special Valencia-based handling crew will take care of all catering requests and accommodate any special or mobility needs.

Contact Iberian Escapes Concierge Services to find out more about Private Jet Charter in Valencia.

Helicopters in Valencia

There is no more thrilling way to see the Costa Blanca, the spectacular coastline that stretches southwards from the city of Valencia to Benidorm, than by helicopter.

Iberian Escapes can organize helicopter joyrides starting at both Benidorm and Valencia city for up to three people.

You will be able to choose where you want to go, including the beautiful resort town of Dénia, inland to the majestic region of Parcent, or spectacular Calpe with its incredible rocky outcrop perched over the sea.

Also from Benidorm, you can charter a private helicopter to Ibiza, leaving its famous skyline behind you and crossing the Mediterranean on a journey that takes a mere 45 minutes. Here you will land on the north of the island on an exclusive private helipad, relaxed and ready to experience Spain’s most famous party island.

For weddings, honeymoons and other events, chartering a helicopter in Valencia is an unbeatable memory-making experience.

Contact Iberian Escapes for more details.

Hot air balloons in Valencia

Imagine floating over the bucolic Sierra de Mariola National Park in a hot air balloon?

This magical experience departs from the hilltop pueblo of Bocairent – a village that looks like it has literally been carved out of rock.

From here, you will ascend into the sky and float over the beautiful Sierra de Mariola – a national park of gently rolling hills, olive fields and vineyards dotted with pretty, whitewashed Valencian villages.

When you are back on the ground, you will be driven to one for a typical Valencian almuerzo – a cooked brunch of cheeses, jamón and of course Spanish tortilla.

This hot air balloon experience in Valencia shows a different side of the region away from its better-known coastline. It takes place in a village off the tourist track and gives you a birds-eye view into local life and culture.

Before you depart Bocairent, take a look at the fascinating Covetes dels Moros – am an extensive network of small, hollowed-out chambers chiselled into a large rock face. Unique to this part of Spain, their origin and original use still remain a mystery!

Parasailing and paragliding in Valencia

If it’s an adrenaline rush you are craving, Iberian Escapes can book you thrilling airborne activities all along the Costa Blanca, from Valencia city to Benidorm.

Nothing beats parasailing 150 metres in the air over the bay of Benidorm and flying past its iconic skyline on the back of a motorboat. Or streaming past the mountain of Montgó in the delightful resort town of Dénia.

For paragliding, there are numerous hotspots in Valencia that combine the right climatic conditions and take-off points.

The most popular is Villar del Arzobispo, an elevated, inland region of Valencia with natural terraces for landing and take off. If you would prefer to fly over the coastline, Calpe and the emblematic town of Altea are also possibilities.

Iberian Escapes can organize paragliding in Valencia for all levels, from short, reduced elevation experiences for beginners to tutoring and longer distance, mountain-hopping experiences.

Contact us today to enquire about private jet charter, hot ballooning and other up-in-the-air experiences.

Whether you are staying in a tourist apartment in the city, or a luxury villa in a coastal or inland destination, we’ll soon have you airborne in Valencia.

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