Algarve Beach Wedding Venues

Browse through our popular Algarve Beach Wedding Venues. Known throughout the world for its fine sand, stunning rock formations and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, the breath-taking beaches of the Algarve are a true paradise and an excellent choice for an unforgettable wedding. The options are endless: small and intimate bays, beaches hidden between cliffs, long stretches of sand backed by lush forests, or even one of the small sand islands spotted along the coastline.

Why have your Algarve wedding organised by Iberian Escapes?

We know firsthand how exciting it is to plan your wedding. It will be one of the most special days of your life without a doubt, and you have chosen to experience it in an unbeatable location: the beautiful Algarve. We know that a beach wedding can seem a little bit difficult to organise, but with our help we will make your dream wedding a reality.

If you have already made the decision to get married at a beach venue in the Algarve, do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone. We will be happy to hear your ideas and everything you have in mind! To ensure that we meet all of your expectations, we will ask you to fill in a detailed questionnaire to better understand your dream. After that, we'll get to work and offer you a quote that fits your budget. If you are satisfied with our offer, you can continue to sign our commitment contract, which will formalise our tight partnership to organise the wedding of your dreams. Our fee for taking care of all the details and making sure your wedding is perfect is only 10% of the final price.

We are the only Lifestyle Concierge in the Algarve with a Luxury Wedding Planner service, and we serve the entire region with a multi-lingual team eagerly waiting to assist you! We are certified members of the Turismo de Portugal (RNAVT/6867), the APAVT (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) and the ATA (Algarve Tourism Association). Don't hesitate to contact us right now to start working towards your unique and luxury wedding in the Algarve!

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