algarve marquee wedding Venues

Browse through popular Algarve marquee wedding venues. Marquees are an excellent option for large weddings, as they can host up to 300 people. They also offer high flexibility with the look, style and feel of the celebration, allowing the bride and groom to totally adapt it to their tastes. They are placed in beautiful, grand gardens in the location of your liking, surrounded either by amazing Algarvian countryside scenery or with sea views.

Why have your Algarve wedding organised by Iberian Escapes?

Congratulations! Planning a wedding is such an exciting time! Your mind is racing with ideas of the event that you have been anticipating your whole life. It is all very exciting but can also be overwhelming. Our goal as wedding planners is to make the planning simple and stress free. You deserve an amazing wedding experience! We can help you to plan your wedding day and provide you with the BEST experience possible. So, let’s start talking about your dream wedding day and make it stunning. We are beyond excited to work with you!

We will help you to pick out the things most important to you and let the rest fall into place. After your first contact by e-mail or phone, we will invite you to fill in and return a questionnaire to understand your dream. We will provide you one or several quotes regarding your request. After your approval, you can, if you wish, make a commitment with us by signing the Iberian Escapes wedding contract which will include our fees, which is 10% of the total amount of the quote. Then begins a beautiful adventure until the most beautiful day of your life. Enjoy every minute of planning but most important the wedding itself. It goes by way too fast!!!

We are members of the Turismo de Portugal (RNAVT/6867), the APAVT - Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies and ATA, the Algarve Tourism Association.

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