Algarve Mountain Wedding venues

Browse through our popular Algarve Mountain Wedding Venues. The scenic mountainous area of the northern Algarve has a unique setting that breathes tranquility and harmony, ideal for a familiar wedding with your most loved ones. These romantic venues, located within the mountains, are truly hidden gems. Let yourself fall in love with a landscape of small chapels hidden among lush forests, cobblestoned villages perched on the hills, amazing views and dazzling nature.

Why have your Algarve wedding organised by Iberian Escapes?

We know how exciting it is to plan a wedding, especially after choosing the magnificent and picturesque mountains of the Algarve, its hidden gems, as your perfect venue. Even so, not everything is going to be a bed of roses: there are many details to take into account and it requires good organisation. Luckily, at Iberian Escapes we'll take care of the more complicated part so you can just enjoy your special day!

Call or email us and explain to us what your dream wedding should be, and we'll be happy to advise you on everything related to it, from the ceremony to the reception. To ensure that we meet your expectations, we will ask you to fill out a detailed questionnaire about your ideal wedding. With that, we will prepare a quote that fits your budget. After your approval,  we will proceed to sign a commitment contract to formalise our close partnership to organise your great wedding. Our fee for taking care of all the details and making sure every aspect of your wedding is to your liking is only 10% of the final price.

Our team is the only Lifestyle Concierge in the Algarve with an integrated Luxury Wedding Planning service. We provide services to the entire region with a multi-lingual team with the sole purpose of making your dream wedding a success! We are certified members of the Turismo de Portugal (RNAVT/6867), the APAVT (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) and the ATA (Algarve Tourism Association). Don't hesitate to contact us right now to plan your dream wedding in the Algarve!

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