Algarve Vineyard Wedding Venues

Browse through our popular Algarve Vineyard Wedding Venues. There's something about the rustic Portuguese vineyards' "quintas" that makes them a very romantic place to hold a wedding. They offer that homely feel where guests are free to gather, relax and party, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery of gardens, countryside, blue skies and, of course, vineyards. Such a stunning backdrop for your special day!

Why have your Algarve wedding organised by Iberian Escapes?

A wedding is a unique event in a person's life, and that's why we are so excited to be part of yours! If the romantic Portuguese "quintas" surrounded by lavish vineyards have stolen your heart and you would like to get married in one of them, we are here to make your experience smoother. Not only will we take care of all the details that the organisation of a wedding requires: we will also help you add your personal touch to this special occasion.

As soon as you decide to get married in an Algarve vineyard, get in touch with us! We will be delighted to get to know you a little and to hear about your expectations for your wedding. As we want even the smallest detail to be to your liking, we will send you a questionnaire that you will have to fill in. After that, we will get to work and prepare a quote according to your budget. If you accept our proposal, we will ask you to sign a commitment contract to formalise our collaboration to organise your dream wedding. Our fee for taking care of all the details and making sure that your wedding is unforgettable is only 10% of the final price.  

We are the only Lifestyle Concierge in the Algarve with a complete Luxury Wedding Planning service, assisting the entire region with a multi-lingual team that works side by side to make your dream wedding come true. We are certified members of the Turismo de Portugal (RNAVT/6867), the APAVT (Portuguese Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies) and the ATA (Algarve Tourism Association). If you want the most special day of your life to be truly unique and spectacular, don't hesitate to contact us!

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