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Madrid’s restaurant scene is a creative and chaotic blend of the best that Spain’s many regional cuisines offer. The dynamic combination of urban life and classic ingredients has nurtured some of the world’s most excellent restaurants, like DiverXO and Botín.

Sometimes a restaurant isn’t the best way to enjoy Madrid’s food scene. This is especially true if you’re hosting a private event that needs a more personal touch. Luckily, the Spanish capital has some of the best private chefs in the world.

Here are just a few examples of the excellent private chefs available in Madrid:

Who are Madrid’s Private Chefs?

Depending on your tastes, Madrid’s private chefs run the spectrum from traditional Spanish cuisine to inspired international creations.

Enjoy a taste of the Spanish Riviera with a private chef specializing in Mediterranean cuisine. Spanish food is among the most popular in the world for a reason, and you can enjoy the most authentic version of that food by hiring a skilled private chef versed in traditional methods. From paella to tortilla espanola to the freshest seafood, Spain’s cuisine is sure to delight your guests. 

Bringing a Latin flair to Madrid’s culinary world, there are several chefs from Mexico, Brazil, and other parts of the Caribbean and Latin America. Bringing Latin ingredients and flavours to the table, these chefs can cook up a unique blend of the new and old worlds. 

You’ll also find some of the most innovative chefs in the world in Madrid. There are experts in Avante garde cooking and molecular gastronomy, a scientific approach to cooking pioneered in Barcelona. If you want something truly new and awe-inspiring, look no further than these chemical magicians. 

Cost of Private Chef in Madrid

The costs of hiring a private chef vary based on the type of event, the personal chef, and the number of hungry mouths you need to feed. We’ll be able to provide a more specialised quote once you reach out to us.

However, as a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay around 110 euros to have a private chef prepare dinner for two people.

For a larger event of ten people or more, you will likely have a per-head rate of around 80 euros.

You’ll also find that the time of the day affects the cost of hiring a private chef. Chefs are most in-demand at dinner, so expect to pay a premium for an evening event. Hiring a personal chef for breakfast or lunch is often less expensive.

How to Book a Private Chef in Madrid

Sifting through Madrid’s many options to find the perfect private chef for your event can be daunting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the food scene and the chefs in the area. That’s where we come in!

If you tell us about the event you’re planning on hosting in detail, we can pick the perfect chef based on our expert understanding of Madrid’s food scene and the qualities that make an ideal pairing of a chef to an event.

We can even cover other aspects of organizing your event, like organizing the ideal venue and liaising with transportation and entertainment companies.

We’ll handle the entire booking process for you for only a small fee. Contact us

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